TKR 366/10/APP BOLT 223


In the application quickly, one-click access to TKR 10 is more essential
web sites and an email address as well. You can quickly switch between titles
toggle by clicking the “Next” and “Previous” buttons.
Just one click and you’re there! TKR 10 works on PC and Mobile
too. By clicking on the email icon, the primary email address of the TKR 10 can also be accessed,
through which you can get more information.

Of course, you can write the exact addresses for yourself so that anywhere,
you can immediately access the TKR 10.

If you click on the displayed web address, you are already there and immediately
you can also use all its features. You don’t have to type the address on the internet
browser or search engine, because in TKR 10 it’s just a click away., which contains a complete description of the software, is available everywhere in TKR 10
my website, which can provide additional help to solve any of our problems.
As the more well-known Internet browsers (eg Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.)
all of them now translate web pages into any language, so it can’t cause it
it is also not a problem if someone only speaks English or Hungarian.

From the Product Management System to the Production Support and Management System
and the Content Management System to the Production Management and Trading System,
all TKR system versions are designed to make it easier for you and your business
to be more efficient and effective. Utilizing the results and capabilities of the
Complete Ready System and Perhaps the Ready System once, the Experience Management
System will suddenly become a Knowledge Management System once you learn and use it.

TKR 10 is Content Management System ( CMS ),
Enterprise Content Management System ( ECMS ),
Web Content Management System ( WCMS ),
Document Management System ( DMS ),
Mobil Content Management System ( MCMS ),
Component Content Management System ( CCMS ),
Digital Assets Management ( DAM ),
and Learn Management System ( LMS )
in one block.

In the application there’s a address where you can go and visit,
where you can seeing some of the originals.

Copyright, trademark rights:

The TKR 10 application (tkr10.apk) is compatible with Android Studio 4.0.0 and Developer 4.0.1
I created it on a Windows 10 operating system. Android 10 I have tested and used
with an operating system.

The domain and are available through the application
subdomain owned by József Bán.

TKR Bolt knowledge management and webshop software is available through the application
uses the opencart webshop engine.

(C) 1983 – 2020 Joseph Ban. All rights reserved. Bjsoft, TKR, TKR 366, TKR 10,
the TKR Store, TKR Plaza, tkrdroid, VISZK, TKRICT, TKR Shop and TKR Bolt
Trademark of Joseph Ban.

Windows 10 and Edge from Microsoft, Android, Chrome and Android Studio from Google, while
opencart is a trademark of OpenCart. The other mentioned or available products and company names
may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Original, not copied !!!

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